VoIP Features

DLS Hosted PBX delivers some of the most advanced VoIP Features and abilities in the industry- Empower your businesses to improve customer responsiveness. Let us help you find the best Voice over IP service for your Hosted PBX solution. Features can include predictive dialing, call recording and ACD (Automatic Call Queuing) and many others, making DLS Hosted PBX an ideal Unified Communications platform for you.

DLS offers the latest call center management tools, from recording and monitoring live calls to generating visual call reports from the web. Here is a list of other available VoIP Features:


  • Protocol: SIP
  • Audio Codecs: G.729, G.711
  • Video Codecs: H.263, H.264

Traditional Phone Features

  • Caller ID Name and Number
  • Caller ID Block (*67 and permanent)
  • Caller ID for Call waiting
  • Nomadic 911 Emergency Calling
  • Call Transfers
  • Voicemail through Email
  • Outgoing CID Number and Name
  • Distinctive Rings
  • Return Call (*69)
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling

Management Controls

  • Web Interface
  • Detail & Phone Usage Summary Reports
  • Known Monthly Costs
  • Phone Management Access
  • Granular User Interface Permissions
  • Each User Manages Own Phone Settings
  • Distinctive Rings
  • Immediate Scalability Down or Up
  • Call Monitoring


  • Unlimited Voicemail Capable
  • Voicemail Notification to Email and/or cell
  • Remote Access to Voicemail
  • Custom Greetings
  • Text-Only Voicemail Notification
  • Video Voicemail Capable

Call Routing

  • Follow-Me Services
  • Call Forwarding
  • Service Classes
  • External/Internal Transfer
  • Hunt Group Support

Next Generation Features

  • Click-to-Dial
  • Global and Personal Directories w/Click-to-Dial
  • PBX Capabilities from Anywhere
  • Multiple Locations, Single PBX
  • Uniquely Easy Moves, Changes, Adds
  • Shared and Mirrored Extensions
  • Soft phone Compatibility
  • Outlook Integration
  • Video Phone Support


  • Automated Custom Tree
  • Customizable Greetings
  • Selective Call Routing
  • Follow Me Services with Selective Call Forwarding
  • Call Parking
  • Intercom Paging
  • DID Support
  • Notification to Cell Phone
  • Remote Voicemail Access
  • Receptionists' Interface Software
  • Busy Line Feature (BLF)

Call Center

  • Call Prioritization
  • Routing Based on Skill Level
  • Customizable Greetings
  • Agent Control of Status
  • Screening Monitoring
  • On Hold Time
  • Voicemail Opt out of Queue
  • Virtual Call Center Capable

Optional Modules

  • Conference Bridge
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Email to Fax, and vice versa
  • Call Recording Inbound and Outbound

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